I've been thinking about the concept of reality lately. Specifically, the different forms and modes of sharing our communal and private realities. I just arrived back in the States after travelling throughout Southern and Eastern Europe, and after many Skype phone calls, facebook messages, and postcard correspondences,I realized that there are many versions of reality that one person can inhabit.

As I sat on the edge of the Adriatic Sea one evening, a salty breeze tumbling clumsily around me, I thought about the realities of my family and friends-so distant and yet so close. I was aware that my younger sister was working that night at a small restaurant in a strip mall in North Dakota, that my father was at her cramped but cozy apartment babysitting her two-year-old twins. I had read earlier in the day via Facebook that my friends in Colorado were going to see a movie at the cheap theater downtown, followed by drinks at our favorite bar. And they all knew that I was in a city called Split, in a small country by the sea, wandering. I thought of my reality at that moment, so unfamiliar, and my reality back in the cold, flat plains of the North with my famiy. I thought of my easy, meandering existence as a college student in Colorado. I pictured the trees and mountains and desert back in the States, the small lives there that are filled with oil changes and history lectures and work. I thought of the statuses I had read that day, "Going to the farmer's market" and "going to Minot, who wants to come?"

With the onslaught of facebook, email, blogs, and a myriad of other ways to immediately communicate one's thoughts and experiences, realities have become infinitely more connected. We can experience others' versions of reality, share in them and comment on them, all while taking part in a completely separate and foreign existence on the other side of world.



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